Christian Church  (Joel 2:28)

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    New  Prophecy


  Pastor. Barnett's calling.

It all began in 1955, when  at the age of five while Leslie's mother was seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit that Leslie had an encounter with an angel -which has since had a profound impact on his life.

"Like most Christian mothers, she brought me up to know and love the Lord Jesus which resulted in me receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit at the age of twelve".-says Leslie.

Pastor Barnett says that many times he would have prophecies given to him regarding what God had in store for him. Hence, at the age of twenty one -his pathway was made clear.

During the early 1970's Leslie was called by the Lord into Billy Graham’s Youth for Christ as a gospel singer; a time when Christ’s message of love and peace was very much in vogue, made popular by the Civil Rights Movement and Vietnam war activists. The radio waves were bombarded with religious songs like “Jesus is just alright with me” performed by the Doobie Brothers and Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky.”


 It was around that time God gave Leslie an opportunity to be part of a live radio broadcast held every Sunday morning at Melbourne’s 3DB studios. "I felt incredibly blessed when I was asked to sing gospel alongside some of Australia’s finest country and western recording artists, including Cole Joy as well as the performing duo of Bobby Bright and Laurie Allan". - says Leslie. 

But Mr Barnett's big break had come when Brian Cadd  invited him to bring a demo tape to Bill Armstrong at his Studio South Melbourne.

Reality quickly set in when Leslie realized that Brain didn't want to cut a record but just wanted to sample his unusual synthesized sounds, for use in advertising jingles. All was not lost, however; as a result Leslie had the opportunity to meet internationally renowned Brian Cadd who opened up his career through a number one hit: “Marshall’s Portable Music Machine.”

During that time a talent scout approached Leslie and paved the way for him to be a children's personality for Channel Nine TV station. That then opened the door into the Australasian Christian Broadcasting Association where Leslie hosted a religious TV segment with a well-loved ventriloquist character named Elfie.

"And though I was just a children’s personality, anyone whose face appeared on any of their four stations was a celebrity, with a very rigorous schedule that included church rallies, live TV shows, talk-back radio and appearances at clubs and shopping centres" -says Leslie. 

As a result Mr Barnett even had a gig at the Sydney Opera House and at Australia's parliament house for the then Minister for Science Peter McGauran.

It was in the mid 1970's that Leslie received his Bible training with the United Pentecost Bible collage then in the 1980's was ordained into the 'Assemblies of God' as a Sunday school teacher. Today, Pastor Barnett is preaching and conducting work-shops  as a follow up to his  two books "Tongues on Fire" and "Lost Trinity"

"Looking back I can clearly see the hand of God training me in preparation for this New Prophecy movement were He has granted me a special anointing to those desiring the gift of speaking in Tongues ".

- says Pastor Barnett.