New  Prophecy

Internet Christian Church (Joel 2:28)


John 17:3 says; “And this is the way to have eternal life--to know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, the one you sent to earth”.(NLT) Also read Mathew 19:16-22. 

Johns words remind us that just believing in a creator isn’t enough to gain eternal life  No! It means making every effort in knowing who Christ is and His overall plan and purpose as to why we have been chosen. ( John 15:16 )

           ‘Lost Trinity’  by Pastor: Leslie Barnett
Leslie’s first book “ Tongues on Fire ” was for those interested in the  ‘New Prophecy  Movement’ and those hungry to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. But this book is for a more limited section of the Church --those who desire to go “all the way”
in seeking the many unanswered questions regarding the sacred secrets of God. 

Pastor Barnett says that under the pretence of Arianism, the doctrine of the Trinity by second century Tertullian had been remodified to fit into the Mariology Dogma at the First Council of Ephesus AD 431. "This the first of many changers was to give Mary the mother of Jesus the title  “God of God, light of light!” and “Queen of Heaven.”-says Leslie.

Leslie goes on to say : that deeming Tertullian a ( subordinate) heretic meant reigniting the ancient heresy of modalism found not only in the Mariology dogma but in many other tenets such as ;

Michaelism - a tenet  akin to Arianism which teachers that Christ was a non eternal created angel having later taken on a temporal body to house it’s angelic life-force. Then at death Christ fleshly body was dissolved and its life force returned to it’s original form. 

Externalisation - The Word was simply a uttered thought exchanged from the one indivisible substance when being transferred into Marys womb.

Christophany -  Yeshua was Yahweh prior to being the Word incarnate -leaving one to ponder who begat who.

Temporal Disunity - Christ was temporarily disconnected from deity kingship when becoming man - as to justify why He wasn’t privy in knowing the hour of His return.- Mathew 24:36.

These and many more doctrine anomalies are outlined in this book which will undoubtedly leave readers questioning there traditionally handed down faith!”.-says Leslie. 

Available January 2019