New  Prophecy

Internet Christian Church .

Are you tired of institutionalised religion? Looking for a spiritual home where you can grow in love and in knowledge of God and those of your brethren?

“Home dwellings have a vital role to play for those who find that today’s Pentecostal church is becoming more a social club of entertainment glitz and glamour than a place of fellowship;  having ones ears tickled may appeal to the younger generation but not so for the more mature Christian who is looking to see more public acknowledgement of the Spirit” —says Leslie. (2 Timothy 4:3-4 &1 Corinthians 14:27)

Benefits of Home Church

(1)  A home church has no oversight committee to pay wages and the upkeep of buildings thus, freeing up  much needed funds for congregational needs.

(2) There are no titles of Apostle, Prophet or Prophetess. Rather, all members are a profit-hood of ministers who share equally according to their God given talents. (Revelations 1:2)

(3) Home church doesn’t recognise diplomas in theology due to its indoctrination content. Ordination is earned out of respect from fellow brethren and God’s Holy Spirit. Leaders are born not made. ( 1Corintheans 2:13:21 / 8:1 / John 13:35)

(4) Home Church is shared by a roster system between body members who are the overseers that select Biblical topics. Congregants are encouraged to participate in open discussion.

(5) The laying on of hands for healing and receiving the gift of tongues is practised and prophecy is administered via an interpreter following tongues. ( Mark 16:17-18 / 1 Corinthians 14:13)

(6) The Home church ethos is to encourage and develop talent for those who show a potential in singing OR in teaching the Word. There are no ‘church pew potatoes’ in home church. All family members are encouraged to walk the talk according to their God given talents.( James 1:22-25 )

(7) There is no “either our way or the highway!!” Like that of the ancient Bereans everyone is given the opportunity to express their religious views openly without being accused of causing division. The UNITY of Home Church is not about interpreting the Bible the same way —but living and walking as ONE in the Spirit. Having a questioning mind makes for a solid foundation of tolerance and compromise; and discernment as to “what is TRUTH?” is not gagged on church tradition but on personal revelation. “Each one walks according to the steps given— and the light of truth shines on the righteous”—says Leslie. ( John 8:32 / John 14:6 / Psalms 37:23 /Proverbs 4:18 )

(8) But above all God’s knowledge of LOVE is the highest priority to this Home Church. (1 Corinthians 13:2 / Galatians 5:25 / Luke 12:57)