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Internet Christian Church (Joel 2:28)


1 - Technology--the age of knowledge. 

2- Can the church ever unite?   

3 - Tongues a sign of a believer.

4 - What Cessationist ( Non tongue speaking activist ) say about tongues.
5 - Are apostles and prophets still relevant to the church? 

6 - Facts about the ‘New Prophecy’ experience

7 - Discovery of the Codex Sinaiticus.
8 - Is speaking in tongues demonic? 

9 - The spiritual awakening.

10 - God’s flourishing full measure.

11 - Are anointed gifts irrevocable?
12 - Who are the wolves in sheep’s clothing?

13- Where is the perfect church?

14- What good are church institutions?

15 - Testing the spirits.
16 - Can a church become contaminated?

17 - Using the gift of discernment.

18- God’s spirit poured out in waves  

19 - The counterfeit tongue
20- Who deeds God when you have money?

21- Televangelists are celebrities!

22- Can the pulpit be questioned? 

23- Paper not people.
24- Is suffering a Christian virtue?

25- Teachers versus Facilitators.

26- Can a Christian suffer from anxiety? 

27- Does God have a sense of humour?
28 - Touch me not! 

29- Can the body of Christ suffer? 

30 - Humility builds faith.

31- How should a Christian tithe?

32- Healing and deliverance.
33 - My angelic encounter

    New  Prophecy

                       Tongues on Fire



Tongues on Fire are a must-read for those who want to experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the gift of speaking in tongues. Authored by Pastor Leslie Barnett who writes from experience having been involved in the 1970s “New Prophecy Movement”.

At the age of five, Leslie had an encounter with an angel that has impacted his life to this day. Now, six decades later, God has revealed His message to the church -“Arise and receive the Pentecostal clothing of the Spirit.”

The author has dedicated a section on why Mark 16:17-18 (hallmarks of Pentecostalism) is considered questionable, by most modern theologians and therefore deemed spurious in many modern Bibles. This has led to a noticeable decline in spiritual gifts, particularly among Pentecostalism and Charismatic worship services.

When it comes to exercising the gifts of the Spirit, Leslie gives practical advice based on scripture on how to use ‘knowledge’ for healing, deliverance and the detection of stealth counterfeit spirits. 

Pastor Barnett exposes many who claim to be God’s anointed and dismisses the notion that a third wave outpouring of the Holy Spirit is very much alive due to the many ethical problems facing the Pentecostal church in our day.

To sum up the problem Leslie had this to say:
“The very soul of Christ’s church, embodied in prophetic utterances, discernment, worship, healing, deliverance, and hospitality has slowly diminished leaving a lifeless institutionalised religion with highly paid works of men.” (2 Timothy 3: 1-3). 

Of special interest is a section that addresses the merging of apostolic apostles and prophets into mainstream AoG churches via the Australian Christian Church (ACC) alliance policy.

And to add, a section on how tithing one’s precious time can be an enormous blessing for the body of Christ. Last but not least is a paragraph dedicated to “the Mysterious Messengers”-the angels of God, who have played a vital role in producing this work.

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