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 Our Mission ?


We of the New Prophecy church are not just in the business of promoting the wonderful gift of speaking tongues, but also in the business of inviting Christ followers to encourage there church leaders to become more "tongues friendly".

Glossolalia has become the church’s real battle of the generations. Some young pastors say that while they recognize the foundational importance of speaking in tongues, other features of their faith are more pragmatic and helpful for their flocks.

Harris, who began preaching when he was 12, is a fourth-generation member of the Assemblies of God. His great-grandfather was a church pioneer who founded a Pentecostal camp meeting in Southern Illinois. Harris has pastored First Assembly for two years, and he said audible glossolalia was heard just “once every two or three months” at the church.

“We do stress that the initial physical evidence of the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues,” Harris said. “But we do not encourage people to seek tongues. We encourage them to seek God and to seek the power of the Holy Spirit for witnessing. Tongues is just a byproduct of that.”

Dear friend, do you go along the same thinking as Harris? This line of teaching seems to be the norm  which only proves that  tongues in Pentecostal and Charismatic worship services  have not been prioritised to say the least.

Sadly those of my generation (1970's) who once enjoyed the benefits of tongues in joyful service to God are know just existing in the formalities of a traditional church culture due to its neglect. Can this be you?

God has given church leaders a duty of care.

We of the New Prophecy Church believe that not only is tongues beneficial in service to Christ and His Church but also its  accompanying gifts of prophecy, interpretation and discernment.

Should these gifts be neglected the Church may lend itself to the influences of a counterfeit spirit . We encourage Christians to find a church that exercises all the gifts so that they can be rejuvenated, with God's peace and joy.

Satan tells a lie!

The bottom line is this: Pentecostalism has succumbed to Satan's  lie -that the speaking in tongues is a little old hat for the modern church.  If the truth be told, tongues is not only a necessity in every day living but also paramount in the functioning of Christ's church in preparation for these last days.

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying: stories guide us - curiosity drives us - and experience shapes us to whatever purpose God intends for us.

My story begins with 18th century evangelist John Wesley, who paid heed to visions and supernatural encounters that occurred in the lives of Methodists of his day. Throughout his life he gathered stories of how God was revealing Himself in the lives of His people, and gave much thought to their meaning.

It is in that same spirit that I share with you my own encounter with an angel who gave me this message.  “Arise and receive the Pentecostal clothing of the Spirit.”

You can read about the encounter in my book "Tongues on Fire "!

   My story